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You could do a 'Look mom, I'm floating on my motorcycle'.

You could do a ’Look mom, I’m floating on my motorcycle’.

Take a look at this cool tech used on a Honda Grom by a Japanese fanatic.

You must have seen sophisticated suspension setups on the expensive four-wheeled counterparts with them having quirky adjectives like airmatic, airdrive or air ride. The reason is as simple as the name is.

This high-tech is reserved for four-wheelers for one simple fact: availability of space. To carry a compressor, rubber bellows, and an air-pump, the motorcycle engineers cannot afford to pan sufficient space within the motorcycle frame and chassis.

Yet, the idea of using the compressibility of air as a spring on two-wheelers is as old as 1910. Fast forward to 2017, a chap in Japan has retrofitted a Honda Grom, a monkey bike from the same makers of the Fireblade. Using it as a suspension unit, he also made away with the side and the center stand and showcased his creation to the world.

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TBR Power Plus kit for the Honda CBR1000RR

TBR Power Plus kit for the Honda CBR1000RR

If the performances of your Honda CBR1000RR are no longer keeping your adrenaline levels go crazy, than you should take into consideration a small power upgrade.

Two Brothers Racing is making your job easier with their new Power Plus kit that was especially developed for the 2012 Honda CBR1000RR.

The kit promises to improve the motorcycle’s output with up to 8 hp and 11 ft.lbs of torque. For the power upgrade we have to give credit to the Black Series Slip-on exhaust which is available with aluminum, titanium or high-temp carbon fiber canisters.

The kit also contains a P1X Power Tip, a igh-performance repack kit, an aluminium anodized red bolt kit and the Juice Box Pro fuel management system. Other items included in the kit are a TBR Red Shield t-shirt, decal stickers and a black side cover.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the TBR Power Plus Kit is intended for closed-course competition use only, so in some state you may not be able to use on the public roads.

The kit is offered with a promotional price rated at $842.

Hit the jump for the video and more photos.

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1976 Honda CB750F SS The Natural by The Tarantulas

1976 Honda CB750F SS The Natural by The Tarantulas

Few may have heard of the Tarantulas, a motorcycle custom garage based in the Portland, Oregon that specializes in bike restorations and custom builds. But with their skill and talent in building some pretty slick machines, due props have to be given out.

One of their creations that sparked some interest is called the Natural, a restored and modified 1976 Honda CB750F SS that drives home the classic touches mixed in with modern modifications.

According to the Tarantulas, the bike took a couple of years to make and started off as an abandoned bike that was eventually turned into a classic piece of steel and muscle. To give the bike the look of a neo-retro cruiser, the Tarantulas decided to give it a brushed metal treatment complemented by leather-looking vinyl, gum rubber, and Tarozzi rear seats that will be stripped down and powder-coated.

Other design details about the Natural include custom clip-ons, a new rear cowel with an oil tank and battery box, new headlight ears, levers and hard lines, all of which were built by James Crowe and his boys over at Crowe Customs.

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