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Honda India made a new record by selling 2 million Activas' in just 7 months!

Honda India made a new record by selling 2 million Activas’ in just 7 months!

The King of scooters is also the bestseller two-wheeler in the world today

In 2001, Honda launched the Activa in India which became the country’s first ever four-stroke automatic scooter. Its simplistic design and engine reliability made it an overnight success, which it reaps even today, 17 years after its first launch.

Today, the brand has already rolled out its 17,000,000’th Activa from its plant in Gujarat, making it the first scooter in the country to reach such a milestone. Out of which, a whopping 2 million of them came in the last seven months alone.

Now that is some mind-boggling sales figures that are making Honda the most loved brand when it comes to automatic scooters.

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Honda created history with 100 million Super Cubs out of its factory gates

Honda created history with 100 million Super Cubs out of its factory gates

A record never achieved by any motor vehicle manufacturer till date

Serving 100 million happy customers is a well-achieved milestone for any business, and no other manufacturer but Honda could have made it seem this easy. Being the first two-wheeler to cross such a mark is the Japanese Red Wing’s Super Cub that began its life way back in 1958.

Now, the moped is being made at 16 plants spread across 15 countries around the world that serves customers in more than 160 countries. That is some mind-boggling numbers considering the popularity and logistics involved with the Super Cub.

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100mph monkey bike to become world's fastest

100mph monkey bike to become world’s fastest

Monkey bikes have never been expensive, breathtaking and neither the less record braking machines, but they do fit in a category of their own and, although never heard before, the words “World’s fastest monkey bike” have lead nine-time Dakar competitor Ivo Kastan to building what’s most likely the fastest ever monkey bike.

The Czech motorcycle enthusiast will take his specially tuned Honda monkey bike at Bonneville later this month, where it plans to take the small blast up to speeds of more than 106mph, confirming the “fastest ever” supposition and also setting a new record for the naked 175cc four-stroke class.

What’s left to say is that the bike features no rear suspension whatsoever, meaning that it can provide a very harsh ride. We wish Ivo Kastan the best of luck for his attempt!

Follow the jump for three interesting videos with the team preparing and testing the bike for Bonneville.

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