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Honda might give us a motorcycle that will emit water

Honda might give us a motorcycle that will emit water

New patent documents show the possibility of Hydrogen Fuel-Cell powering future bikes

If you can by any way refresh your memory, Honda had tied up with GM earlier this year to develop future mobility technologies. The resultant firm called Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC targets the introduction of a new fuel-cell system by the year 2020. It represents the auto industry’s first joint venture formed to mass-produce hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Looks like they are already striking gold. According to the patent (US20170282748A1) images seen here, Honda is making use of the $85-million operation and will be introducing a hydrogen fuel-cell powered motorcycles in the coming future and will have a perimeter frame, telescopic forks, shaft drive and a fuel cell under the seat.

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Suzuki's "Burgman Fuel Cell" Launched In Real-World Trials

Suzuki’s "Burgman Fuel Cell" Launched In Real-World Trials

London Police Check Out Hydrogen-Powered Burgman Scooter

A trial to test Suzuki’s hydrogen-powered Burgman scooters launched on September 4, 2017 with the Metropolitan Police’s Fleet Services in London. On trial are seven Suzuki Burgman scooters equipped with the “Burgman Fuel Cell.” The cell is an integral part of a zero-emission hydrogen fueled scooter that is part of a green movement to reduce the city’s dependence on fossil fuels. The folks at the Met aim to have 550 green vehicles by 2020 and these scooters will go toward testing the viability of the hydrogen cell. The Burgman Fuel Cell was developed as a joint effort between Suzuki and Intelligent Energy Ltd, a provider of clean power technologies that aims to meet the market demand for more environmentally-friendly products.

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