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Kawasaki Ninja

Built on a history going back to 1984, the name “Ninja” stands for speed, agility, and performance. Ranging from the small-displacement 250 to the high-performance Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R powered by supercharged engines designed completely in-house using Kawasaki’s gas turbine and aircraft engine knowhow, the Ninja line offers something for a wide variety of riders who want the ultimate motorcycle experience.

More about the Kawasaki Ninja

The first model to carry the Ninja name was the 1984 Gpz900R. Developed in secret over a six-year period, it was the first stock street bike to exceed 150 mph. The Gpz900R included technical advances for the day including the world’s first 16-valve liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder motorcycle engine, allowing for more power, and a frame that used the engine as a stressed member for improved handling and reduced weight. It was a marvel in its day and set the stage for all Ninjas that followed.