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Kawasaki Versys

Versys, whose name is a combination of the words “versatile system,” is based on proven models in the sport line. The Versys family brings the “adventure” to the Kawasaki lineup with models ranging from 250 cc up to 1000 cc with capabilities that Kawasaki calls “any road, any time” performance.

More about the Kawasaki Versys

At the bottom of the displacement range, the Versys-X 300/250 is based on the twin-cylinder Ninja 250R/300. Lightweight and with friendly power delivery, the Versys-X 300/250 an easy-to-handle introduction to the adventure lineup. The Versys 650, based on the twin-cylinder Ninja 650R, offers nimble handling and ample low-mid range torque. Based on the four-cylinder Z1000, the Versys 1000 offers comfort on long rides with an upright riding position, long-travel suspension, ample power, and a large windscreen. Built for adventures, the Versys line brings sporty performance to your journey.