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Watch Arttu Stenberg Stunt Riding His KTM450 Like A Skateboard

Watch Arttu Stenberg Stunt Riding His KTM450 Like A Skateboard

NextLevel stunts you have to see for yourself

So, you think your wheelies are pretty good? Or your stoppies? Well, think again. Arttu Stenberg is from Finland and can make his KTM 450 EXC dance. In this video, he shows off some of his chops and also shows us how to go through a rear tyre in no time at all.

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KTM's life saving electronics deciphered

KTM’s life saving electronics deciphered

Watch KTM MTC, ABS, MSC and launch control working behind the scenes

A rider is not born but is made. There is absolutely no harm in accepting that you are not the best rider and that there is always a better rider out there. But, that does not mean you don’t try to improve on it. The more you ride, the more opportunity you will find to try and match synergies with your motorcycle.

The same also applies to motorcycles. There is always a better one out there. So manufacturers and engineers come up with new technologies and innovation that make that same motorcycle perform better and safer than before. And KTM is one of those who is world renowned for giving us bikes that loves walking on the edge of performance and handling.

Helping them do that is not just their mad mechanicals, but some really smart electronic wizardry. They tap into multiple parameters to give the rider the optimum control of their bikes without losing the joy of riding.

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Video: The Making Of Robbie Maddison's Pipe Dream Stunt

Video: The Making Of Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream Stunt

We all remember where we were when Robbie “Maddo” Maddison seemingly did the incredible when he rode a KTM dirtbike on Tahiti’s world famous Teahupoo and Papara waves. At that time, everybody was going nuts over the stunt, including yours truly. But anybody who knows anything about physics will tell you that unless it’s Jesus we’re talking about, riding a bike on a wave is impossible.

Naturally, Maddison didn’t really ride the world famous waves. A lot of work and preparation went into making it look like he really ride those waves yesterday, September 27, 2015, ABC took its viewers behind the scenes into the making of the stunt. The one-hour show, dubbed “Behind the Dream: The Making of Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream,” was shown at 4pm ET. Most people might have been enjoying their fill of NFL football, but those who did watch the episode caught a good glimpse of the incredible amount of work that was put into perfecting the stunt. The episode offered a complementary take into a similar “making-of” episode created by DC Shoes, videos of which you can watch above.

Let’s not just consider the fact that it was a dangerous stunt to begin with. No amount of preparation can really prepare anybody, Maddison included, for the elements that come with riding waves as huge as the ones found in Teahupoo and Papara. But thanks to a dedicated group of professionals, we were treated to what really is one of the most incredible stunts we’ve ever seen. Visually, it looks absolutely incredible, even if there were a few sleight of hands involved in making it look the way it did.

Check out the videos above and learn how Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream episode came to life.

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Video: Robbie Maddison Successfully Pulls Off Wave Ride In Tahiti's Teahupoo Waves

Video: Robbie Maddison Successfully Pulls Off Wave Ride In Tahiti’s Teahupoo Waves

Australian daredevil Robbie Maddison pulled off his most audacious stunt yet when he successfully rode massive waves in the island of Tahiti.

For a man who has performed some of the most nerve-wracking stunts in history, riding one of the world’s most treacherous waves in a KTM dirt bike fitted with skis is next to mental. Yet somehow, whether its through force of will or just downright luck, Maddison pulled it off in spectacular fashion, proving once again that when it comes to fearless stunts, the Australian has no peer.

The incredible footage of Maddison’s wave ride was used in his “Pipe Dream” video and it’s really a sight to behold. The editing made it look even more incredible, but you can’t deny Maddison’s steely nerve to attempt a stunt like this in Teahupoo, considered as one of the premier surfing destinations in the world.

The mere suggestion of performing a stunt like this is crazy enough on its own. But Maddison’s an entirely different level of crazy and he proved as much when he somehow rode past the towering waves in his customized KTM dirt bike.

Maddison’s stunt itself is incredible to watch, but what isn’t shown is the intense preparation that goes on leading up to the death-defying ride. According to Maddison himself, this particular stunt took two years of preparation before the actual ride happened in April 2015. Even with all that time to prepare for his sick wave ride, it took Maddison a handful of attempts before finally succeeding in pulling off his amazing derring-do.

The video doesn’t do it enough justice. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and after watching it, I’m confident that a lot of you will share in my sentiments.

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