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2016 - 2018 Lance Soho 50

2016 - 2018 Lance Soho 50

A Little Big-Wheeled Scooter

Built by SYM and rebranded for Lance, the Soho 50 scooter answers the call for both economy and mobility in personal urban transportation. An estimated 117 mpg and the ease with which you can park this gem makes it a go-to ride for running errands in cities, towns, campuses and gated communities when walking won’t do and transportation options are limited. Not classic and not modern-aggressive, the Soho 50 falls into a more retro-contemporary style; a typical 50 cc scooter without looking like a sportbike-wannabe like you might find in the Zuma from Yamaha or the Super 8 from KYMCO.

Continue reading for my review of the Lance Soho 50.

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