Bike Ride

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Bike Ride unblocked is an awesome and realistic free to play infinite run, ahem… ride game that puts you in the seat of a fast bike. You have to ride as fast as you can while weaving in and out of traffic. The more and longer you ride, the more money you’ll make, an that money can be used to unlock newer, faster bikes that’ll test your skills more than ever before.

How to Play Bike Ride Unblocked?

Once you’re on your bike, all you have to do is ride fast and avoid traffic (and walls.) You’ll get bonus money for going really fast and, while you’ll be risking it all, you can earn even more money for near misses, so don’t be too afraid to get as close to traffic if you really want to earn some money. Be careful not to react too quickly, though, as your bike is very sensitive and trying to move left or right too hard or fast will result in crashing.


  • Up or W: Accelerate
  • S or Down: Brake
  • A or Left: Turn Left
  • D or Right: Turn Right

How to Unlock New Bikes in Bike Ride Unblocked?

From the main menu, click on the garage button at the bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll find four different bikes, the first bike you already own, but you’ll need to earn 50,000 coins to unlock the second bike. The third bike costs 100,000 coins, and the fourth bike will set you back 200,000 coins. The bikes look the same outside of different colors, but the more expensive the bike, the faster they go. If you want to keep it fun, unlock each new bike instead of saving to unlock the fastest one.