Extreme Moto Run V3


If you love motorcycle trial games that test your skill, logic, and ability to get past any obstacle, then Extreme Moto Run V3 is definitely the number 1 game you need to check out. Extreme Moto Run Unblocked has 20 challenging and fun levels to tackle, with each one getting harder as you go, so there’s always a challenge. There are no bikes to upgrade, but you can change your rider and the color of your bike. The best part is that there’s a global leaderboard, so you can compete with everyone else in the world.

How to Play Extreme Moto Run?

Get your bike to the end of the course, jumping obstacles and doing tricks along the way. As you work your way across each level, you’ll pass numerous checkpoints that will be a big help as you’ll start at the last checkpoint each time you crash instead of having to start the whole level all over again


  • Accelerate: Up or W
  • Brake: Down or S
  • Lean Back: Left or A
  • Lean Forward: Right or D
  • Brake: Space

How To Unlock Bike Upgrades in Extreme Moto Run V3?

There are no bikes upgrades to unlock, but if you create an account inside the game, you can unlock a bunch of extra colors and riders. Just click on the “Bike” button on the main menu and you’ll have the option to change your bike and rider colors.

How to See My Ranking in Extreme Motor Run V3?

From the main menu, click the Championship button in the lower left corner of the screen. This will open a popup for High Scores where you can select between All Time, 30 Days, 7 Days, and Newest. You can also browse through the various pages to see where you stand.

How to View and Complete Achievements in Extreme Moto Run Unblocked?

From the main menu, press the trophy button on the left side of the screen. The popup includes 12 different challenges. Click on each one to see what they and what you need to do.

How to Do Tricks in Extreme Moto run?

Unlike some games where there are a lot of button combinations required to do tricks, it’s a little bit easier in Extreme Motor Run V3. There are various coins in each level ahead of a jump that you must collect. When you cross over the coin with your bike, your biker will perform the trick. If you want to do backflips and front flips (it makes the game a lot more fun and challenging), just lean forward or backward while you’re in a jump – just make sure you level the bike out with the ground before you land or you’ll crash and have to return to the previous checkpoint.

How to Save My Progress in Extreme Moto Run V3?

There are two ways to play Extreme Moto Run – online and local. Both modes will save your progress, however one is much safer than the other. If you choose to play online, you’ll have to create an account (you should anyway, as you can track your place on the leaderboard and unlock new achievements) but your progress will be saved on the games servers. You can continue your game where you left off from any computer anywhere in the world. If you choose to play local (or offline) your progress will only be saved in your browser’s cache. That means your progress is limited to the computer you’re using at the time, and if your browser cache is cleared, you’ll lose all your progress. Both methods of saving are done automatically, however.

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