Moto Maniac 2


Moto Manic 2 is a follow-up to the acclaimed Moto Maniac, and it takes your dirt bike trials to new places with all-new levels, revised physics, a faster bike, and more difficult obstacles. This time, you’re trying to cross a bridge, but it’s under constructions and you have obstacles above and below you, so you have to watch where your head and wheels are going. If you loved Moto Maniac, you’ll love Moto Maniac 2 unblocked!

How to Play Moto Maniac 2?

Just like other dirt bike trails games, Moto Maniac 2 unblocked has you navigating increasingly difficult obstacles across massive 2D levels. Control the tilt of your bike in the air and over obstacles, and be sure not to hit the gas or brake too hard or you will crash. If you want to get to the end of each level, you’ll need to think quick and logically!


  • Accelerate: W or Up
  • Brake\ Move Backward: S or Down
  • Lean Left: A or Left
  • Learn Right: D or Right
  • Pause: P
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