Moto Maniac 3


Moto Maniac 3 is one of the coolest motorcycle trial games that you can play for free on your computer, phone or tablet. Navigate your way over obstacles in 20 different forest-themed levels as you try to avoid a bear that’s chasing you. If you take to long in any one part of the level, the bear will catch you, and it’s game over. No matter how many times you play through all the levels in Moto Maniac 3 unblocked, you’ll want to come back for more because it’s always a challenge!

How to Play Moto Maniac 3?

The controls for Moto Manic 3 are easy, but the game itself can be a true challenge, so you better get ready to give it your all. You have to control acceleration, braking, and leaning of the bike as you attempt to navigate various obstacles. You can also increase your jump distance by leaning back then forward at just the right time, shifting your weight forward a bit. Get to the end of each level without getting eaten by the bear…. If you can!


Accelerate: Up\W\ Drive button (on mobile)
Brake: Back\S\ Release Drive Button (on mobile)
Lean left\ back: Left\A \Tilt
Lean Right\ Forward: Right\S\Tilt

How To Unlock New Levels in Moto Maniac 3?

The is no point r money system in Moto Maniac 3, and the only way to see new levels is to beat the level that you’re currently in. In total, there are 20 levels, and they get more difficult as you advance. There is also more than one way to tackle every obstacle, so keep an open mind and don’t forget to revisit levels you’ve already beaten from time to time.

How Do I Save Progress in Moto Maniac 3?

All of your progress in Moto Maniac 3 is saved automatically, so if you don’t beat all levels at once or want to come back and replay a certain level later, your saved game will be right here waiting for you.

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