Moto Maniac


Moto Maniac is a fun, side-scrolling dirt bike game akin to games like Moto X3M or even Trials HD with decent graphics, challenging gameplay, and whole lot of fun baked right in. Play across lots of challenging levels with new obstacles to tackle in each one. There are no bikes to upgrade or buy, or any currency to earn, so all you have to is focus on getting to the finish line. Moto Maniac Unblocked is one game that you’ll love to keep coming back to!

How to Play Moto Maniac?

Carefully negotiate each level by controlling the orientation, brake, and throttle of your bike. Gas or brake too hard while leaning, and you’ll crash. Hit an obstacle the wrong way, and you’ll crash. Carefully negotiate each obstacle and get to the finish line.


- * Accelerate: W or Up
- * Brake\ Move Backward: S or Down
- * Lean Left: A or Left
- * Learn Right: D or Right

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