Super Mario Wheelie


Super Mario Wheelie is a free online game that tests your skills as a wheelie master. As one of the most fearless characters, Super Mario has received his motorcycle license and needs your help to complete each course. Can you help Mario perform tricky stunts with his bike through this game and help him clear all levels.

How to Play Super Mario Wheelie

Your objective in the game is to perform a wheelie stunt all the way to the finish line. To play the game, click on the screen. Your character will move forward on its own. You should click on the screen constantly to perform and sustain a wheelie. Making the front wheel touch the ground will end the game. Collect coins and have fun playing.


  • Mouse \ Finger – Control Bike

Use your finger or mouse to tap or click. The longer you hold on the screen the higher Mario wheelies. When you release, the bike will begin to lower. Find the perfect balance to keep the front wheel in the air without falling backward or touching the ground. If you fall backward or touch the ground, you will have to restart the level. There are 10 levels in total, so try your best to collect as many coins as possible and beat all 10 levels.

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