X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure


X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure is motorcycle trial game with a unique twist. In X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure unblocked, your bike seems to be going slow, but moon-like, low-gravity physics make even the most impossible jumps magically possible. There are 25 levels in this game alone that you need to tackle and there are a lot more free levels to try if you want more. Can you handle all the obstacles the mountains can throw at you and your motorcycle?

How to Play X-Trail Racing 2: Mountain Adventure

The basis of X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure is simple – get to the end of each level by overcoming obstacles and making each delicate jump without crashing. The unique, moon-like physics, however, make it a lot more challenging than it looks. Every level you conquer unlocks a new, more challenging level, so there’s always plenty to do.


  • Accelerate: Up
  • Slow Down: Down
  • Lean Left \ Back: Left
  • Lean Right \ Forward: Right

How to Unlock New Bikes in X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure?

There are 11 different bikes to unlock in X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure unlocked. To unlock them, you’ll need to spend the stars that you’ve earned by completing levels, so you can unlock the very next bike right away, or you can save your stars to unlock something else. From the main menu, press the play button, then press the button with a motorcycle on it in the bottom right hand corner. Find the bike that you want to unlock, then press the unlock button. Just remember that once you’ve spent your starts, you can’t get a refund, so choose wisely.

What Is the Fastest Bike in X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure?

Thanks to the cool moon-like low-gravity physics, the term “fast” is kind of relative, but it seems to us that Vengance, which costs 12 stars, or Hell Rider, which costs 16 stars are the fastest. Hell Rider also sets your skull on fire and looks really cool, so it’s definitely our favorite. Don’t discredit the fun mopeds and dirt bikes, though, as they make the game a little more challenging and more fun at the same time.

Is My Progress in X-Trial Racing 2: Mountain Adventure Saved When I Leave the Game?

Your progress will always be saved when you leave, and you can always pick up right where you left off, as long as you don’t press the trash can button on the main screen. That button will allow you to delete your saved game, and you’ll have to start over.

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