The original Batcycle used in the making of the first ‘Batman’ series in the 1960s recently sold for $ 29,500 on eBay.

Composed from a motorcycle and sidecar, the three-wheeled Batmobile has little over 7,000 miles on board and still runs beautifully. The main cycle is powered by a 250cc Yamaha engine, while the detachable sidecar has a separate 50cc motor that got Robin in and out of his own tricky situations.

In the video that we attached, Adam West & Burt Ward joke about the stunts and props that crumpled Robin on a daily basis.

See the video after the break.

Source: visordown

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mariusghiur  (35) posted on 07.10.2009

No, the creator of the most notorious Batmobiles isn’t responsible for this. Dan Dempski is the creator of the Batcycle, while Bob Butts is the customizer.

The ’66 Batmobile was great, but I stand by the ’89 one. I set a picture of it as a desktop background for when my small cousins drop by so that they know I’m a fan of the TV series and start the never ending conversations from there.

mariusghiur  (9) posted on 07.9.2009

Was this a Barris creation?

I liked the newer BatMobiles but none are as hot as the one for the 66 TV Show

mariusghiur  (35) posted on 07.8.2009

Indeed, this is the three-wheeled version, which positions it right in between a car and a motorcycle (at least until Batman pushed the magic button and released the sidecar with Robin in it).

mariusghiur  (9) posted on 07.7.2009

Cool but not the 66 Batmobile.

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