• 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"

    2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
  • 2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"

Steele Kustoms is a partnership of Bill’s businesses, family, friends, and employees. This partnership brings together one of a kind motorcycles, trucks, hotrods, streetrods, and even bicycles. Each one is unique and always stands out in any crowd.

In 1993, Bill established Steele Auto Body Incorporated. Owning and operating this business has given Bill the opportunity to utilize images, materials, and color. He has established his mark on the custom world altogether, reflecting the motorcycle industry as well as the automobile. Crossing technology with evolution, merging the past with the present. Every detail, line, and segment flow together, formulating a clean balance. Some key parts are concealed to give the question of function. This is an illusion. Bill does show, ride and enjoy every one of his master pieces.

He does all of this just to challenge his creativity and after completing each project entirely, only then will it be sold to help finance the next project.


Builder: Bill Steele
Owner: Bill Steele
Location: Oakdale, PA
Country: USA
Bike Name: Fascinator
Engine Make/Size: EVO Bottom TC top / 96CI
Transmission Size/Type: Billet Baker 6 spd
Frame Make/Type: Goldammer / Single Loop
Front End: One-off billet springer
Rake: 36
Stretch: 2 in
Swingarm: none
Wheels - Front: 23 Inch, One off 12 spoke
Wheels - Rear: 17 inch, One off
Tires - Front: Vee Rubber
Tires - Rear: Diablo
Brakes - Front: Drum inside wheel hub
Brakes - Rear: Drum w/ one off backing plate
Painter: Bill Steele
Chroming/Plating: Bill’s Chrome / AFM Powder coating

Additional Information
Billet wheels made to look like cast wheels w/hidden valve stems. All hand made sheet metal. One off billet primary, clutch and auto clutch with 1 3/4 inch belt. Handmade exhaust. Hydraulic one off rear drum brake and backing plate. Handmade frontend w/ talbot mirror for headlight. Hidden front brake assy inside front wheel w/twist hand control. Engine cases, transmission and primary machined together for zero tolerance. Carb and Plugs are hidden with one off covers. All wires and cables hidden for clean, completed look.

2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
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2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"
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2006 Steele Kustoms "Fascinator"

Source: www.steelekustoms.com

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