A great bike next to Playboy bunnies, this is how Motorcycle USA got the chance to test the 2007 BMW R1200S at the world-famous Playboy mansion in L.A.

The R1200S is the most powerful production Boxer BMW has ever created and a significant leap forward over the mild R1100S that debuted in 1999. With a purported 122 horsepower on tap and a claimed tank-empty weight of 430 lbs, this sportingest of Boxers is capable of dissecting a twisty backroad during a daytrip or even humbling some crotch-rocket pilots at a trackday.

R1200S features a 1170cc horizontal-Twin engine with an maximum power output of 122 hp via a host of hot-rod tricks.

Mixing fuel and air is the responsibility of 52mm throttle bodies, up 5mm from other models. Modified cylinder heads greet the intake charge, and bumpier cams maximize top-end performance. With a redline higher than any previous Boxer motor at 8800 rpm, most internal components have been beefed up, including stiffer valve springs, reinforced rocker arms, stronger conrods and new pistons that squeeze the incoming mixture at a lofty 12.5:1 compression ratio.

The engine exhales through exhaust headers that have been bumped up in size by 5mm to nearly 2 inches (50mm) and a catalytic converter mounted under the transmission. Unleashing all 122 ponies requires premium fuel; the engine’s knock sensor will dial back ignition advance (and power) if lower-octane petrol is used.

Source: Motorcycle USA

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