It is now official! The world witnessed the unveiling of Zero’s S model, the first ever road legal supermoto powered by a lithium-ion battery. Like all early technologies, the electric bike doesn’t dethrone any traditionally powered supermoto, but the 31 horsepower and 84.6 Nm powerplant performance figures aren’t to be ignored either. Considering the bike’s 102kg, the top speed is of 96.6 km/h. Ok, so it isn’t that impressive, but the bike is expected to sell in a great number.

Instead of fuel capacity and mpg, now we’re talking about charging time (which in this case if of four hours) and range (also, a decent 97 km). From the very first glance, the Zero S doesn’t look quite like any regular supermoto two-wheeler because of the battery replacing the noisy four-stroke motor. That’s also most likely the reason why this bike features a fairing, apart from the basic one that the bodywork was needed in order to call the thing attractive.

The bike has a price tag of $9,950 and will start being delivered next month. We’re just waiting to see the most ostentatious of you out there on the supermoto tracks. But until then, here’s Zero’s official video for this bike precisely on a supermoto track.

Source: fasterandfaster

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