These are the leaked official photos of the much anticipated Stradaperta, Hypermotard’s successor in the adventure touring class (that is if you get your hands on a pair of off-road wheels and soften up the suspension a little bit). The bike will be powered by a liquid-cooled, V-twin engine of large displacement such as the ones found on the Ducati Streetfighter (1099cc) and on the Ducati 1198 (1198cc).

In terms of style, Ducati makes quite a daring move with the aggressive air intakes cut into the mudguard and stops pretty much there. Now, we could have lived with the thought that this 2010 Italian road bike comes with a dirt-style mudguard, but what’s with the bar-mounted mirrors? At least they stick to the abbreviated brush guards with integrated indicators and keep things in the off-road register although the bike will most likely never leave the tarmac. The Ducati Stradaperta will debut at the EICMA show next month.

2010 Ducati Stradaperta - first pics of the end product
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2010 Ducati Stradaperta

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  (2) posted on 10.12.2009

OMG what happened here? I LOVE Duck’s, and find almost every model to be a thing of sheer beauty, and dreams. But this Stradaperta. This in my eyes, is the must hidious looking abortion of a motorcycle ever! Whatever they are smoking over there, they need to QUIT.

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