Eric Buell Racing is back in the saddle again. A couple of days ago, EBR released it’s first ever teaser image announcing their newest street-legal bike, the EBR 1190RS. This image was made to pave the way for the production of the street-legal sportbike in 2011.

The new motorbike is probably the first Buell streetbike that was produced since Harley-Davidson shut down the Buell Brand last year. Limited details were announced during the bike’s public introduction, but we did learn that the EBR 1190RS was based off the 1190RR race bike. Its most obvious similarity is that it will utilize a 1190cc V-Twin engine with 185 hp and 93 ft-lb. of torque. This was a shock in itself as no one was expecting that Erik Buell was planning a street bike based on the 1190RR. The bike is expected to weigh 161kg/355lbs (dry) which will help it become a strong competitor against its rival, the Ducati 1198 which weighs 377lbs/171kg (dry) and produces 170bhp.

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"There was no question that we had to start work on a new street motorcycle design for 2011, but we also knew we had to go racing at the highest level in 2010. The solution came from suggestions on our social media sites, where race fans told us they would support us directly if we would just set up a site. We could not have made the last four rounds of the series without these contributions, as we simply needed to invest our money into the new motorcycle." - Buell stated regarding their new bike and the team’s AMA racing efforts.

Although we are all chomping at the bit to get some more information on the new 1190RS, some news reports have suggested that EBR will not be releasing any official details until the end of Erik Buell’s non-compete agreement with Harley-Davidson which will end on February 2011. We guess we’ll have to wait and see if we can finagle anything else before the official reveal.

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