Electric bicycles have been popping up more frequently these days than at any other time in history. That’s not really saying much other than attribute it to the obvious technological advancements, but it really is a cool thing to see so many e-bikes being built these days.

It’s become so prevalent that upstart companies like Vintage Electric have joined in on the fun. Who is Vintage Electric, you ask? Well, it’s a California-based company that just released a pretty cool retro-inspired electric bicycle that harkens back to the glory days of the board track racers.

The bike is called the E Tracker and as you can plainly see, the inspiration to those old board track racers is strong on this one. It’s also custom-built product so you can definitely appreciate the level of detail that went in the development of this bike. The board track racer-inspired look is an unquestioned highlight, but you’ll also notice that the E Tracker also an engine casing tucked just under the horizontal frame of the bike. That’s not there for cosmetic purposes; there’s actually a battery inside the casing that supplies the electric power on the bike, capable of reaching a top speed of 36 mph with a 30 mph battery capacity for every charge.

Given it’s close aesthetic ties to the board track racers of yesteryear, Vintage Electric balanced the eras with new-school technology, including regenerative braking and LED lighting that comes as an added option for customers.

Since it’s a custom build, Vintage Electric is also offering custom paint jobs on the bike to go with an affordable price tag of just $5,000 for a base unit. Added options understandably adds to the bike’s price, but if you really want your E Tracker to stand out more than it already does, I don’t think these added goodies would be a problem for you.

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  • 2015 Vintage Electric Showcases The E Tracker Electric Bicycle
  • Year:
  • Top Speed:
    36 mph
  • Price:
    5000 (Est.)

Why it matters

I love how Vintage Electric manages to marry the best of different worlds through its name alone. Vintage Electric. Pretty creative, right?

The E Tracker also stands out for the reasons I already mentioned. It’s been a while since I last saw an actual board track racer on the streets but the recent news that one of Steve McQueen’s old board track racers sold for $750,000 at the Mecum Auctions made me realize just how awesome these bikes were to look at. They don’t fit into the conventional style of today’s motorcycles and bicycles, but that old school aura attached to these track racers is intoxicating to the eyes.

Styling aside, I also like how Vintage Electric saw the opportunity to marry its classic looks with modern technology, creating a multi-purpose ride that can speak to the tastes and preferences of people from all age groups.

Young riders will love its electrical efficiency while veteran riders will definitely appreciate the design hat tip to the iconic board track racers of yesteryear. The E Tracker wins all fronts, making it one of the most interesting electric bikes in the market today.

Source: Vintage Electric

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