Inspired by the world of Star Wars®, Ural gives a nod to the dark side with their limited edition Dark Force for 2016. Built on a base cT, Ural adds upgrades that include high-visibility LED lighting, an enduro bench seat, black zinc-coated passenger pegs as well as upgraded drivetrain components, painted it glossy black and threw in a three-foot extendable lightsaber®. Yes, you read that correctly: it includes a lightsaber® mounted on the sidecar, within easy reach for you and your adventure buddies (with the bench seat and sidecar, you can take two of your friends with you) to do battle with opposing forces.

The folks at Ural tell us, "Come to the dark side, we’ve got sidecars." However, don’t wait too long. Released online on November 13, 2015 and at dealers on December 1, Ural is only making 25 of the Dark Force and this very limited edition — available only in the U.S. — won’t last long.

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  • 2016 Limited Edition from Ural Motorcycles: Feel the Force
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    749 cc
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2016 Limited Edition from Ural Motorcycles: Feel the Force
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Dark is the word on the Dark Force with a blacked-out powertrain, black ceramic-coated exhaust and black brushed-aluminum badging worthy of a Sith Lord. I will leave off the SW references (mostly) at this point, lest you think this is anything less than a capable machine.

The Dark Force comes with Ural’s twin-cylinder, 749 cc boxer motor that brings to mind the near-bulletproof VW four-cylinder boxers; a fitting comparison given that the ride is a descendant of a German design from back in world-war-twice. The square engine (78 mm x 78 mm) cranks out 41 horsepower at 5,500 rpm, and 42 pound-feet at 4,300 rpm, and the 8.6-to-1 compression ratio ensures that the engine won’t flog itself to death, but instead just chug right along constant as the north star. (Or is that really a reflection off the Death Star?)

Fuel injection adds a modern touch to the mill, and an electric starter with kickstart backup bridges between old and new. The transmixxer comes with four forward gears and one reverse, with a dry, twin-disc clutch coupling it to the flat twin mill.

Structure and Systems

2016 Limited Edition from Ural Motorcycles: Feel the Force
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Although all Ural models are capable of off-road fun, the Dark Force, like its cT base, doesn’t use the lever-engaged sidecar drive feature, so it is among the more street-centric rides. A leading link front fork sports a pair of coil-over shocks for a tough, utilitarian-looking front end, and they come with adjustable spring preload just like the pair in back – an important feature given the variable load capacity offered by the big bench seat and sidecar bucket.

Ural didn’t skimp on the brakes either. I could see them running a drum in back or on the sidecar for looks, but the factory went with powerful, modern Brembo and HB products to bind the wheels. This is very important since, between vehicle weight, passengers and cargo, you could have as much as 1,325 pounds to keep under control, which can be no mean feat!

Finally, the lightsaber accessory (batteries included) could serve as a whimsical replacement for a regulation get-back whip. Granted, you aren’t likely to take out any windshields with it, but neither is it likely to help you get yourself in trouble with the friendly folks down at the police office. Just think of it as the number-one accessory for Sith Lords the world over, sort of like the smallsword was once considered “male jewelry” in Europe. It is an elegant weapon, far more civilized than blasters, after all.


Engine type: OHV air cooled, two cylinder, Four-stroke “boxer” (flat twin)
Displacement: 749 cc
Valve per Cylinder: 2
Bore and Stroke: 78 mm x 78 mm
Maximum Horsepower: 41 Horsepower at 5,500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 42 Pound-Feet at 4,300 rpm
Compression: 8.6:1
Fuel System: Throttle body EFI
Starting: Electric & Kickstart
Clutch: Double-disc dry
Transmission: Manual, Five-Speed (Four forward, One reverse)
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Driveshaft
Final Drive Ratio: 4.62
Engageable Sidecar Wheel Drive: No
Length: 91.6 inches
Heights: 53.8 inches
Width: 63.6 Inches
Seat Height, (unladen): 31.0 inches
Ground Clearance (unladen): 6.5 inches
Suspension, Front: IMZ leading link fork
Suspension, Rear: Double sided swing-arm with two Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorbers, 5x adjustable
Suspension, Sidecar: Single sided swing-arm with Sachs hydraulic spring shock absorber, 5x adjustable
Wheels: 2.5X18 Aluminum rims with steel spokes
Tires: Heidenau, 4.0x18 inches
Brake, Front: Four-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 295 mm floating NG rotor
Brake, Rear: HB big bore single piston integrated floating caliper with 256 mm fixed NG rotor
Brake, Sidecar: Two-piston fixed Brembo caliper with 245 mm floating NG rotor
Alternator: Denso, Peak Output 40 Amp @ 14vdc, 560 Wt
Battery: FAYTX20HL (12V, 20Amp/h)
Headlight: H4
Spark Plugs: NGK BPR6HS
Dry Weight: 700 Pounds
Recommended Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.0 Gallons
Fuel Reserve: approx. 1 Gallon
Estimated Fuel Economy: 31 to 37 mpg
Estimated Range: 155 to 185 miles
Recommended Maximum Cruising Speed: 70 mph
Maximum Permissible Weight: 1,325 Pounds
Trunk volume: 18.6 Gallons
Warranty: Two-year, parts and labor unlimited mileage
Color: Black
Price: $14,999

Source: Ural Motorcycles: The Dark Force

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