• 2016 Mecum Auction’s Monterey Motorcycle Preview

The Mecum Auctions folks are hitting the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California over August 18th, 19th and 20th as part of their 2016 tour. This stop will play host to a number of rare and exciting motorcycles, many of which are past “vintage” status, and may represent once-in-a-lifetime acquisitions for some ambitious collectors out there.

To say that there is something for everyone may be going it a bit high as only the most well-heeled and motivated collectors hit the Mecum events, but most of the bases within that narrow subset are covered, from turn-of-the-century models up into the late ’60s. I picked a few high points from each era/category, but you will have to visit the official Mecum Auctions site to get the complete list.

Continue reading for my look at the auction.

1910 Harley Davidson Model 6

2016 Mecum Auction's Monterey Motorcycle Preview
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As you might expect, Harley-Davidson is well represented amongst the earlier models. From the Dr. J Craig Venter collection, we have some immaculately maintained specimens going up for grabs. Lot No. S23 represents the earliest of my picks, and hails all the way back to just after the turn of the previous century with the 1910 Model 6.

Like most bikes of that era, this is actually more of a motorized bicycle in that it sports a pair of pedals, but those are mainly to get thing moving to pop-start the single-cylinder, 30.2 cubic-inch engine. There’s no transmission to speak of, only a leather belt that makes up the final drive with a hand-adjustable tensioner to control the slip, which was cutting-edge technology back then, folks. This fully-restored and papered ride is expected to go for between $55,000 and $75,000.

1916 Harley-Davidson 16T Board Tracker
2016 Mecum Auction's Monterey Motorcycle Preview
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Another of the good doctor’s bikes hits the stage at this event, and this one is a bonafide, 1916 Harley-Davidson 16T board tracker that’s been maintained in like-new condition by Dr. Venter’s in-house mechanic. Lot No. S38 sports a 61 cubic-inch, V-twin engine with F-Head, “pocket valve” top ends. A strap-type fuel and oil tank comes with a hand pump oiler. This little gem is expected to fetch something between $40,000 and $55,000.

What can I say? I guess the doc has excellent taste and a penchant for boardtrackers.

1913 Indian Board Tracker

2016 Mecum Auction's Monterey Motorcycle Preview
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My third selection is yet another from his collection; lot No. S12 is an Indian board track racer from 1913 that has been restored to like-new condition by Jim Proper out of West Arlington, Vermont. It runs (literally in running condition) a one-lung thumper mill with the F-Head top end, and displaces a total of 30.5 cubic-inches (500 cc) which is big for a single-cylinder engine, even in modern times.

Back in the day, these powered bicycles could do every bit of 85 mph, and although I wouldn’t push the old girl that hard myself, one can’t help but appreciate the engineering that went into it. I reckon the expected $35,000 to $45,000 selling price will make this bike more likely than not to find a new home.

1938 Crocker “Small Tank”

2016 Mecum Auction's Monterey Motorcycle Preview
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Moving up to some slightly later models we have a very historically significant unit in lot No. S169; a 1938 Crocker “Small Tank” that comes with a 61 cubic-inch engine and combined, 2.5-gallon fuel tank and oil tank complete with instrument panel. This rare American classic sports an extensive rebuild, and much attention was given to the preservation of the original patina (read: wear/character) while wear points such as tires, brake liners and clutch were replaced with new parts.

Crocker enjoyed a nice long run from ’33 until wartime restrictions put the company on standby in 1942 and production never resumed. This rarity and historical value makes for an expected price of between $300,000 and $350,000, which may be a trifle optimistic, but we will find out for sure here soon enough.

1942 Indian Four

2016 Mecum Auction's Monterey Motorcycle Preview
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Indian gives us another historically significant piece with lot No. S32, a 1942 Indian Four. This is a restored bike with some interesting numbers. The chassis number of 440807 is fairly unremarkable, but the real story is with the engine number; DDB101 is engine No. One for the 1942 model year, the last year of the Four Cylinder designs. Potential buyers can expect this ride to set them back between $120,000 and $130,000, and yes, bragging rights are all inclusive with that price.

Check It Out

Ok folks, that’s all for now. As I said before, there are plenty more where those came from, and these were my personal favorites but that doesn’t mean they’re yours, so be sure to check out the full selection on the official Mecum Auctions site, and pick your own faves. Be sure to tune in after the auction and see how the bikes actually fare on auction day.

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Source: Mecum Auction

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