The last weekend saw Zero Motorcycles undergoing the 24 Hours of Electricross competition which ended up setting two Guinness World Records, one for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours on an all-electric off-road motorcycle (500 miles) and the other for the largest electric motorcycle race (50 competitors racing for 10 teams).

Satisfied with the results, founder of Zero Motorcycles and organizer of the race, Neal Saiki said that "this event proved that electric technology can endure the same level of competition as their gas-powered counterparts, however, the power resources to compete are drastically different. The total cost to power all 10 motorcycles for 24 hours was approximately $100,"

Here’s a video from the first international endurance competition for off-road electric motorcycles won by team HotChalks MDV.

Source: hellforleathermagazine

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