If you thought that a 24-hour endurance race in a car or on a motorcycle is an enormous physical and psychical challenge, Le Mans is coming with a new and an even harder one: a 24-hour endurance race, but this time on...bicycles. The race will take place on the Le Mans Bugatti track starting August 22nd.

According to the organizers, the 4185 meters race will get a number of 3000 competitors. The rules say that at the start line, teams can be composed from one to eight members.

To sign up, teams will have to pay between 25 euros for a one-person team to 800 euros for an eight-person team. If you want to sign up, you will have to apply until the date of August 10.

Furthermore, Stephane Sarrazin is only one of the celebrities expected to take part of this race, a fact that makes things sound even more interesting and challenging.


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