The ambitious Horex VR6 sports bike is getting a new lease on life after new rights owner 3C Carbon Group AG released an official sketch of the reinvented motorcycle to Motorrad magazine.

It’s a good day for fans of the VR6, which was supposed to be a game-changing German motorcycle that combined the performance credentials of a Japanese sports bike with the engineering ingenuity of anything that comes out of Germany.

Unfortunately, the bike’s previous owner fell under the weight of expectations it created of the VR6, drowning under the massive pressure of bringing to life the bike it promised would reinvent the way we think of motorcycles.

And so, the VR6 was left in the fringes of our imaginations. That is until 3C Carbon Group AG stepped into the picture, buying the bike’s production rights with the intention of finally putting the pieces in place to make the VR6 a long overdue reality.

Based on the sketch provided by 3C Carbon Group AG, the new VR6 looks a little different from its previous incarnation, even though 3C Carbon Group has already gone on record saying that the bike’s chassis and engine will remain as is. There will be some changes to the design and that shouldn’t come as a surprise since 3C Carbon cut its teeth in the business by specializing in carbon fiber technology. So expect the lightweight material to be used generously in the redesigned VR6, complementing other redesigned parts like the sub-frame and the seat.

There are also reports that 3C Carbon Group is taking a different sales approach compared to the bike’s first owner. Instead of offering it as a mass production bike, 3C Carbon is looking into dropping the bike’s production volume so it could be marketed to a more exclusive clientele with the funds to afford a bike that could cost in excess of $35,000.

Continue reading to read more about 3C Carbon Group’s plans for the Horex VR6.

Why it matters

I’ve been following news about the Horex VR6 since Horex first envisioned the bike. The project has had its share of ups and downs (more downs, if I’m being really honest), but like everybody who hoped to see the bike in production, I’m just happy that it’s got a new owner that’s willing to spend the time and money to see the project through.

The official sketch of the reinvented VR6 is a promising start and 3C Carbon Group seems to have the capabilities to develop the project from start to finish. But let’s be real here. As much optimism as I can give to 3C Carbon, I’m smart enough to know that producing such a bike is going to take a lot of time, patience, and most of all, money.

So I’m tempering my expectations until the point where I’m confident enough in the development gains that the bike has taken. If it reaches that point where the bike is rounding into shape, then I’ll allow myself to be more optimistic.

Until then, I’m going against my usual glass-half-full nature and see where 3C Carbon Group takes this project before I start jumping for joy.

Source: Motorrad

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