• A 1951 Triumph Thunderbird is torched by vandals

Because the owner failed to pay a ranson

Stories of bike thefts in the UK have reached surprising levels. Impudent British brats in Bristol uploaded a video on their handle on the social media platform, Instagram, where they are seen lighting a vintage Triumph Thunderbird on fire only because the owner of the bike refused to pay them a ransom of £1000 ($1,400).

This video in discussion had been posted on the closed-group Instagram account “biketakerrr”, which have now been removed after it created sparks for being violent in nature. Luckily, we did get access to a couple of snapshot images taken from the Instagram account.

A 1951 Triumph Thunderbird is torched by vandals Screenshots / Gameplay
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Let’s get the good news first. The bike has been recovered from the Bristol field and not been completely damaged. It was not gutted entirely and can be restored to its former glory. I am pretty sure the owner of the bike has already received all forms of motivation to do that.

The bike that was torched in the video was a 1951 Triumph Thunderbird worth up to £10,000 ($14,000). This vintage charmer was stolen from the owner’s garage in Clifton, and a ransom note was left stating the owner to pay up. When he failed to pay the amount, the group did a mockery of it by pushing the bike off its stands and lighting it on fire.

A 1951 Triumph Thunderbird is torched by vandals Screenshots / Gameplay
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The owner of the bike was tagged in the video with comments including: “Told u give me a grand but you didn’t listen rude boy. Uno the drill, don’t pay gets burnt”, and “He had the chance getting it back he never took it so unlucky.”

The police have been enquiring about the brutal incident and they are “pursuing a number of different lines of inquiry”. Hope Instagram points the police in the right direction and does not allow users to post criminal acts online.

A 1951 Triumph Thunderbird is torched by vandals Screenshots / Gameplay
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