Cars especially made for those with disabilities are nothing out of the ordinary, but the American bike builder that broke all the possible rules has done it again, creating a trike especially for people who spend their lives in wheelchairs.

Starting from the idea that everybody should be able to benefit of the Boss Hoss V8 rumble, the innovative manufacturer practically transformed their trike. A lift was added as well as hand controls and that was enough to make handicapped people happy.

In order for the project to become reality, V-8 Performance, Inc. was involved and Boss Hoss Cycles ended up producing the Boss Hoss Advantage Trike. The first wheelchair accessible trike is scheduled to see production this September.

The wheelchair lift is built into the chassis and hidden by the fiberglass body so there will be no difference between a normal Boss Hoss trike and the Advantage trike.

Rad Hunsley, president and COO of Boss Hoss:
“We want our riders to know that it’s not their disabilities, but their abilities that count. We have riders with a variety of handicaps that love our trikes. We are now offering those that do not have use of their legs the freedom to ride!”

A Boss Hoss for everybody. Even for those in wheelchairs!
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Boss Hoss Advantage Trike

Source: thekneeslider

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