Made in India, the company will launch two models in November.

Originated right here in California during the ‘50s, Choppers (a special class of motorcycles) rapidly became a sensation among enthusiasts across the world with innovations, competitions and a thriving Global community.

Now, an Indian company called ‘Avantura Choppers’ is setting up the stage to bring in the country’s first production chopper company that will cater to the premium segment of motorcycles.

A brand new entry onto the chopper scene: Avantura Motorcycles
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Choppers are heavily modified motorcycles that were build using original ones and then “chopped” to customise them with extended forks often coupled with an increased rake angle, hardtail frames, very tall "ape hanger" or very short "drag" handlebars, lengthened or stretched frames, and larger than stock front wheels.

‘Avantura’ in the Serbo-Croatian language means ‘love affair.’ Based out of Mumbai, India, Avantura plans to launch two new motorcycles on based on a 2000cc V-twin powerplant sourced from S&S along with a 6-speed transmission by Riviera. They will carry the same engine but will be differently tuned.

A brand new entry onto the chopper scene: Avantura Motorcycles Exterior
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The motorcycles are designed by Kevin Alsop, the guy who set up Big Bear Choppers here in America (1988-2012) and will have a unique setup that will please the Indian eyes. While not much detail is available on the bike, we know that the bikes will use custom suspension sourced from Progressive and brake components from Beringer mounted onto Avon tires.

The bikes are touted to have higher ground clearances and suspension could be set-up for more pliancy than other custom machines, to make it better suited for our roads. Turn signals are from Kellermann and seats by Mustang.

A brand new entry onto the chopper scene: Avantura Motorcycles Exterior
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Avantura Choppers will also have a simulator where the customer can design their own chopper. A whole range of customisable accessories will be provided with the bike to suit different tastes and will be priced around the ballpark of ₹ 20-25 lakhs ($ 30,000 - $ 38,000).

Avantura Motorcycles will be targeting 7-8% market share of the 1600cc+ in India that will come up to 15,000 units by 2022. Brands such as Triumph, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, and BMW are faring well in the sub-continent, and the affordability of the growing middle class is on the rise.

Although Choppers are losing steam, Avantura will have to make the motorcycles with precision and superior fit and finish like other motorcycles in the same price bracket, if they want to eat the slice of the cake.

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