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A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!

This bodykit by TTR Transforms your Honda Grom into an aspirational North African dune-basher

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The Dakar Rally is one of the world’s most gruesome competitions in the world where participants have to endure all kinds of terrains and conditions. Now, regular people like you and me will probably never get to witness a full-spec Dakar bike in action, let alone ride one, but what we can do though is to try and replicate those kitted-out rally monsters to a certain degree.

This is where the Honda Grom’s Dakar bike body kit comes into play. It may not give you the same capabilities or make you think that you can jump over anything and everything, but it will surely make you look and feel super cool.

Honda Grom Dakar Body Kit

A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!
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To round things off, all three kits are quite easy on the pocket too. Swipe to know all about it.

Made by TTR Motors based out of Japan, there are three body kits to choose from, all boasting different graphics. The first one takes inspiration from Honda’s Dakar bike in the late 1980s, featuring Rothmans stickers and a matching blue, white and yellow livery.

TTR Motors got the idea to build these kits after seeing the 2021 Grom’s swappable panels
A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!
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My personal pick, though, is the third one comprising HRC’s tricolor livery

The second one, however, draws its graphics from BMW’s Dakar bike and gets a Marlboro livery comprising red and white colors.

Last, and my personal favorite, wraps the bike in HRC’s tricolor livery (red, white, and blue) while getting a number plate on the side panels, in case the rider wants to personalize it.

A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!
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Plus, TTR Motors also offers an aluminum skid plate and rear carrier at an extra cost

Whichever one you pick, all three body kits come with a headlight mask with an integrated tall front fender, fuel tank cover, and matching side panels.

But that’s not all. If you want an even more Dakar-like experience, TTR Motors also has a couple of optional extras on sale like the rear carrier and an aluminum belly pan.

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A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!
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This gets red and white bodywork with Marlboro graphics

According to TTR, these kits can be installed in under 15 minutes, that too using nothing but a basic tool kit. This basically makes it accessible for all riders, even the ones who aren’t used to working on their motorcycles.

What’s The Price?

A Dakar Flavoured Grom? Bring It On!!
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Want your baby Honda Grom to resemble a Dakar bike? Well, TTR Motors has you covered

All three kits retail at around $1,120 (130,000 Yen) in Japan. Meanwhile, each of the optional extras costs $172 (20,000 Yen), so you can basically transform your Grom fully in roughly $1,300, making this a steal deal. Of course, you will have to figure out the outsourcing part on your own since TTR Motors hasn’t mentioned any export plans as of now.

If this doesn’t cut it for you, you can take a look at our older story featuring more Honda Grom body kits.

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