Fast Forward Video Inc., a recognized industry leader of digital video recorder (DVR) technology for broadcast, industrial video, as well as presentation video and military applications, has just announced that its Outrider CF DVR will be used by Inertia Unlimited — a specialty camera provider to network television — in its supercross helmet cameras.

Supercross rider Ryan Clark wore Inertia Unlimited’s helmet camera during the Supercross Invitational, and captured broadcast-quality video that aired on NBC on October 22, 2006.

The Outrider CF DVR weighs less than one pound, and can record up to two hours of broadcast-quality video on removable CompactFlash cards in Apple’s QuickTime format, viewable by both Macs and PCs.

"We chose the FFV Outrider for our helmet camera because it provides several advantages over the tape-based Handycams we had previously used for such events," said Jeff Silverman, president of Inertia Unlimited. "As the Outrider weighs less than 1 pound, it does not interfere with the rider in any way. Additionally, because this race was not broadcast live, easy removal and transfer of recorded material was a key factor."

Another important consideration in Inertia Unlimited’s choice to go with the Outrider CF DVR, was the durability and performance of the equipment. it can be used in extreme conditions including high-vigration environments, extreme temperatures, and intense G-force conditions.

At only 4.9 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.6 inches, the ultra-compact DVR includes NTSC/PAL compatibility, composite and Y/C inputs/outputs, pre-event record, and loop record of PC-viewable QuickTime files or secure video files. The recorder provides 720 x 486 image pixel resolution and uses scalable and user-selectable motion JPEG compression.


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