• A motorcycle Poker run board game coming?

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While we were plying through the 1000’s of motorcycle patents filed recently (that’s right, it’s part of our job description), we stumbled upon this patent. It’s a patent for a board trivia game, based on the successful motorcycle poker runs.

The game is a bit of a combination of trivial pursuit, Poker and roll-and-move games. You start your game at the START location and travel to the hosting cities (like Sturgis, Laughlin, Daytona, etc), ending at the FINISH location (eventually).

Like in other roll-and-move games, you can end up on a trivia question; Trivia questions are all motorcycle related. There are also visual recognition cards, which again are motorcycle related photos or illustrations (called ’WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?’). Apart from the trivia and recognition cards, there’s also a normal set of playing cards (used for the Poker game).

The objective is twofold; 1) finish first going through the USA, and 2) have the winning Poker hand.

There’s also real money and drinking involved, so a real biker game.

Looks like an interesting game to play when the snow has blocked us from riding our roads. Round up a couple of riding buddies, and play the game.

The patent has only recently been registered, so I do not know when the board game will be available, but I don’t think you’ll find it in this year’s Christmas stocking.

Click here to see the patent

A motorcycle Poker run board game coming?
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A motorcycle Poker run board game coming?
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