I’ve always said, these so called educational institutes have held most people back.
Every time some one told me the had a degree in something, I found them limited in what they could achieve.
Think outside the Box.
The World energy crises is here, We need to use it and stop saying, "THE GOVERNMENT" We are our own government.

Inventor Steve Ryan from Auckland, New Zealand, is not a biochemist, his expertise is in financing. But he has developed process by which a stock Suzuki 350cc motorcycle can run on regular tap water (after it has been processed in his invention for approximately 20 minutes). His company, Biosfuel, is convinced that H2O is the power that will fuel the next commercial and industrial revolution. This New Zealand version of the 60 Minutes show aired October 2005 in Australia. American companies such as Aquygen with their HHO fuel project feel Steve is right on about water technology as well. Rumors have been flying around about a water-powered Hummer to be released in the near future. I wonder why so few people on this side of the world have heard about this possible alternative to $1.50 pump gas. The military knows about it, they have already contacted the inventor. He is already in fear he might disappear.

Source: Youtube

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