Great Britain brings yet another contribution to the wonderful world of motorcycles, consisting not just in a new bike, but in a brand new motorcycle manufacturer. Mac Motorcycles started as the collaboration between Xenophya Design and Ellis Pitt and plans to produce light, maneuverable naked bikes, which would display a beautifully crafted air-cooled, single-cylinder 500 cc Buell engine.

Experience is nothing to worry about because Ellis says: ‘Between us we’d designed, modified, built and ridden all sorts of motorcycles over the last 30 years and thought it was time to produce a motorcycle that reflected our philosophy. Our influences have been diverse and we’ve made unusual connections between genres of motorcycles such as choppers, Italian singles from the 1950s, flat-trackers and competition specials. What underpins Mac Motorcycles’ philosophy though is the belief that the riding experience and the stories that go with motorcycle journeys seem to have been hijacked by technology and plastic,’

In order to bring motorcycling back to its roots, Mac Motorcycles currently presents four different models that are all about design: Spud, Ruby, Peashooter and Roarer. Production will soon start at the company located in the small English town of Upton-Upon-Severn in Worcestershire and plans are to sell their simple and yet unique motorcycles even to countries such as the US, Japan and Australia for the equivalent of £8,000-10,000.

A new British brand is born – Mac Motorcycles
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Mac Spud

A new British brand is born – Mac Motorcycles
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Mac Ruby

A new British brand is born – Mac Motorcycles
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Mac Peashooter

A new British brand is born – Mac Motorcycles
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Mac Roarer

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