• Acabion GTBO, the rocket motorcycle

    Acabion GTBO

If you’re a speed junkie, you will probably love this enclosed motorcycle. How fast does it go? How does 0 to 258 mph in 19 seconds sound? Without a governor it tops out at 300 mph, and even with that governor it can still hit 265 mph.

At high speeds the Acabion GTBO is tremendeously effective. This is the influence of its marvellous aerodynamic quality. Fuelconsumption at 200 km/h is three times lower in comparison to a compact diesel car and at 400 km/h it is 10 times lower compared to a supersportscar. Even at 600 km/h the Acabion is still efficient, just that there is nothing comparable around on todays roads. Nevertheless: the Acabion can handle stop and go quite as easy as high speeds or it can operate at any speeds of 10, 20 or 30 km/h. And AGAIN it is much more effective than even a compact car. This is the influence of its low weight. So: No matter if slow or fast, the Acabion outranges efficiency of cars in every aspect of day to day traffic.

What a pity that not too many people will be able to hurtle down the road in one of these, as they only plan on building 26 of them and then selling them for the low, low price of $720,000.


BODY WORK: Cabriolet or jet, pilot hood attachable to delta wing at rear
Model: Carbon fibre, self-supporting, redundant with the space frame of the chassis, ‘fail safe principle’ as in aeroplane construction, engine frame high-strength steel tubing
Length: 5,10 Meter
Width: 0,78 Meter
Height: 1,27 Meter
Weight m empty: Acabion GTBO 55: 360 kg, Acabion GTBO 70: 300 kg
Total permitted weight: 550 kg
CD-value (drag coefficient): 0,18
Frontal area: A = 0,69 m2
Drag coefficient CD*A: 0,125

Basis model: Hybrid: A) 1400cc (2007), 16 valves, Turbo. B) Electric power system 3 KW for short-range and slow operation (parking, private terrain, etc.)
Enhanced Mechanics: >300 different Carillo, Holeshot, JE, HJS and Zorstec, racing and Dragster-components
Cylinder: 4
Valves per cylinder: 4
Turbocharger: GTBO 36: MHI Acabion Extended, All others: KKK Acabion Extended
Displacement: 1300 ccm
Bore * stroke: 4 units per 81 * 63 mm
Speed value: 10.900 U/min

Model: Circuit / Electrical (Powershift)
Gears: 6
Reverse gears: Electrical

INTERIOR DECOR: Complete leather furnishings incl. side coverings, footwell and cockpit
Seats: 2, Carbon, leather
Boot: 150 Litres

Tank: Depending on customer requirements, max. 90 Litres
Motor oil: 3,5 Litres
Coolant: 7 Litres

FUEL CONSUMPTION AND RANGE with a 90 litre full tank 
100 km/h: 4 l/100 km | 2400 km
200 km/h: 6 l/100 km | 1650 km
300 km/h: 9 l/100 km | 1100 km
400 km/h: 14 l/100 km | 700 km
450 km/h: 16 l/100 km | 550 km

Source: www.acabion.com

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