In order to mantain the the performance and easy-cruising abilities of its 91/2 1200cc naked V-twin, Moto Morini have introduced a new range of accessories.

The vast range of accessories offered by Moto Morini starts with an anti-scratch, polycarbonate build fly screen which helps to deflect windblast from the rider’s torso with great improvement in terms of comfort at higher cruising speeds.

The carrying capacity is provided by a 26-litre tank bag which follows the lines of the tank and straps easily with a harness. This tank bag has a map pocket on its top and it can be easily carried around as it comes with rucksack straps. A 25-litres capacity pannier for the right hand side of the motorcycle comes with a tailor made simple-to-install frame and it completes the number of accessories offered by Moto Morini for this model.

So you got the bike, the fly screen as well as the luggage. It seems you only need a place to go my friend!

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