AGV, a company that specializes in customized motorcycle helmets, has released a limited edition helmet that just may be one for the books. The helmet in question is actually similar to the one MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi wore during the Misano round of the 2013 MotoGP season. If your memories need a little shot to remember the design of the helmet, Rossi wore a Pink Floyd-inspired masterpiece in honor of his departed buddy, Marco Simoncelli.

The details in the headgear include styling cues taken from the British band’s Wish You Were Here album. Of particular interest to any Pink Floyd fan are the pair of robotic hands that join together with a background featuring the four natural elements of the world. At the back of the limited edition helmet is a photo that anybody who bought the aforementioned album will be a familiar with: two men shaking hands in the middle of a street with one of them apparently on fire.

Other pertinent details of the Corsa “Wish” helmet touches on Rossi’s other sponsors, including the unmistakable Monster Energy “M claw” logo that can be prominently see on the chin guard of the helmet.

The Corsa “Wish” helmet, which is made in Italy, will be sold in limited quantities with each piece selling for $999. Christmas may be over, but if you have some spare funds to tap into, you could use it to buy a really slick limited edition helmet with ties to Vale himself and one of the UK’s most iconic bands, Pink Floyd.

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Why it matters

I’ve always been a big admirer of Valentino Rossi so it comes as no surprise that I want this helmet. The fact that it also has a link to Pink Floyd is already making me salivate.

The price is pretty steep at $999, but anybody who understands the status of Rossi as unquestionably one of the most accomplished and decorated motorcycle riders in the world will consider this price a relative bargain.

As far as what I’d do with it should I end up buying one? I’m not going to wear it, that’s for sure. I’ll probably place it in a display case, or maybe even just put it up in a shelf and later my friends google at them in envy.

Now the only problem I have is a generous benefactor who might want to buy me one. Ok, I’m kidding. But for what it’s worth, anybody looking to buy this helmet and has the finances to do so should so it. Vale and Pink Floyd in one helmet? Sign us up, indeed!

Source: AGV

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