Helmet manufacturer AGV is primarily known for producing track-focused helmets like the Corsa and the Pista GP. Well, now it looks like the company’s preparing to translate that technology into the world of street helmets with the new GT-Veloce, a top-end street helmet that features a lot of the characteristics found on its race helmet brethren.

The GT-Veloce’s race-bred roots is clearly identified in the construction of the helmet, especially when it comes to its lightweight, safety, aerodynamics, and ventilation characteristics.

To understand the uniqueness of the GT-Veloce, you have to understand the full workings of how the helmet was created. To give it the level of shine it deserves, AGV developed the helmet using its trademark Extreme Standards, a methodical and complicated process that makes use of a number of systems and development measures, including Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind-tunnel testing.

The shell of the helmet is also as state-of-the-art as it can be; it’s made from a number of lightweight materials, including carbon fiber, aramid, and composite fiber. These three materials not only contribute in producing a lightweight shell, but they’re also strong and sturdy enough to accomplish its primary purpose of protecting the rider’s head.

That said, the GT-Veloce doesn’t feature the rear spoiler that’s normally found in the Corsa and Pista GP. AGV decided to eliminate that altogether in order to give the helmet a more rounded profile that’s far more appropriate for street riders, especially for those who ride cruisers.

Available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL, AGV’s GT-Veloce helmet retails for just $559.95.

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Why it matters

The constant evolution of motorcycle helmets is a beautiful thing for the industry. Take it from someone who may not even be here to write about this without a motorcycle helmet. I’ve had my fair share of spills throughout my time riding bikes and I’ll be the first to tell how important helmets are when you’re riding a bike.

AGV’s GT-Veloce helmet isn’t the most tricked-out helmet I’ve written about in recent months. That distinction belongs to the Nand Logic. But even if the GT-Veloce lacks all of the technological gadgetry of the Nand Logic, it’s still a pretty impressive piece of safety equipment.

I like the fact that it’s lightweight, making it easier for a rider to wear it and navigate around the extra pounds attached to their heads. AGV’s decision to use composite fiber, aramid, and carbon fiber also goes to show the lengths by which AGV will go to ensure that its customers get nothing but the best in motorcycle helmets.

In the end, that’s all that you really look for from a helmet manufacturer. You want to use one that was built and developed with safety in mind. That’s what you get with the AGV GT Veloce and for that, you owe it to give the merchandise a close look.

Source: Motteros

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