You would think that the Yamaha YZF-R1 is already powerful enough on its own that it doesn’t need any kind of hand-wringing from aftermarket companies anymore. You’d be wrong, though, because noted exhaust specialist Akrapovic has come out with a new product specifically for the YZF-R1 that’s designed to turn it into a hummingbird with all of its performance credentials still intact.

Akrapovic’s new Slip-On exhaust silencer accomplishes that, enabling riders to enjoy the full benefits of the component without compromising the bike’s power. It’s straight out of MotoGP, too, because the silencer is inspired by the same ones used by Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo on their own YZR-M1 racers. It’s short, compact, and has the physical characteristics of a tried-and-true silencer, right down to the carbon fiber heat shield that looks eerily similar to the ones used in MotoGP.

More importantly, you don’t need an actual pit crew to install the silencer. As its name suggests, the piece can be slipped on to the exhaust using only a few tools you can find in your own shed. Every bolt and mounting tool needed to put it in place is supplied by Akrapovic and it doesn’t even need an ECU remap for riders to enjoy the full breadth of its capabilities.

As if there’s more reason to enjoy the YZF-R1 and squeeze out more power and performance out of it, Akrapovic has the answer for anybody looking to get a piece of this ride and enjoy more out of it.

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Why it matters

We all know what exhaust silencers are capable of doing. For such a small piece of equipment, it really does a lot doesn’t it?

Granted, some of you might not be too thrilled about losing out on the YZF-R1’s throaty roar, but for those who are worried about back pressure or obstructing the flow of exhaust gases from the engine to the atmosphere, Akrvpovic’s new exhaust silencer can help you address those needs.

There’s always a trade-off when it comes to silencers. It’s just up to the rider to decide what he or she wants out of his or her bike. On my end, I don’t mind getting heaps of both and the slip-on characteristic of Akrapovic’s new exhaust system allows me to put in or take out the component at a whim without having to worry about messing up the YZF-R1’s overall performance capabilities.

So consider this new component when you’re in the market for an exhaust silencer. It doesn’t cost much and the underlying benefits could be too good to pass up.

Source: Akrapovic

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