Heavy drinking bikers need no special occasion to get their act together, but now that the holidays are knocking on our doors, alcohol can turn into the greatest obstacle for riders. Therefore, the Salvador Association in Portugal has commissioned an add campaign against drinking and riding. This one here is the advertisement we like the most so if you like it too when you’re sober, make sure you also do so when the jingle bells go crazy. Don’t be that guy!


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  (780) posted on 03.30.2010

Whenever I go out to hang out with families or friends and there will be drinking sessions, I always take time to go home first or find a parking spot to leave my bike or car for the night. I know how I drink and I drink a lot. It’s ok to get drunk and let the driver of a taxi take care of the driving till you get home, its cheaper than having to pay for damages and some hospital bills if you get into an accident intoxicated.

  (13) posted on 12.31.2009

Man, when you’ve been drinking, almost nothing calls to you like your bike!

But, if you’ve ever had just a single beer and gotten on your bike, you know the impact is enormous. Nothing like a car.

Don’t do it. I’ve had dear friends and lifelong riders lose their lives from it.

Go nuts, park up, then get plastered. Never the other way around!

Rod  (825) posted on 12.30.2009

Drinking and ride after is a no no.

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