• AMA Supermoto: KTM Riders Finish in Top 10 in Supermoto Series

    Benny Carlson

2005 series champion Jurgen Kunzel finished fourth in the supermoto race to close out what may prove to be his final full season of AMA Supermoto Racing. The charismatic German will return to the European scene in ’07 but holds out hope for a possible return at some point in the future.

Supermoto Overall Results:
1.Jeff Ward
2.Doug Henry
3.Christopher Fillmore
4.Mark Burkhart
5.Jurgen Kunzel KTM
6.Troy Herfoss
7.Kurt Nicoll KTM
8.Josh Chisum
9.Matt Burton
10.Steve Drew

Benny Carlson was crowned 2006 AMA Supermoto Unlimited champion following an unpredictable and hard-fought title fight on Sunday evening at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Carlson, who came into the finale with a slim four-point advantage, did exactly what he needed to. He showed his speed by claiming the pole and then ran a tight race behind the defending class champion, Micky Dymond, and secured the title.

Supermoto Unlimited Overall Results:
1.Benny Carlson KTM
2.Micky Dymond KTM
3.David Baffeleuf
4.John Lewis KTM
5.Robert Loire
6.Justin Ross KTM
7.Gary Trachy
8.L Bagnis
9.Monte Frank KTM
10.Steve Hatch
David Pingree got off to a quick start, quickly leaping into the lead, an then held on for the wire-to-wire win over Currie by a minuscule 0.194 seconds at the checkered flag in the supermoto lites.

Supermoto Lites Overall Results:
1.Cassidy Anderson
2.Brandon Currie
3.Alexandre Thiebault KTM
4.Dalton Dimick
5.Casey Yarrow
6.Danny Casey
7.L Bagnis
8.Matt Abbott
9.David Pingree KTM
10.Steve Hatch

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