American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia

Meet ’Giotto Australia’ - A custom “Low” slung Harley-Davidson V-Rod with Russian mods

Over the past month, all we’ve heard about is Russian tanks, fighter aircrafts, and guns. However, to help you steer your mind away from all the violence, we’ve brought you a Russian-built custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod that looks better than any of the aforementioned Russian things. Let’s take a look.

Custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod From Box 39

American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia
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Take a look at this dapper Harley-Davidson V-Rod that hails from Russia

Dubbed the Giotto Australia, the bike has a lot of custom-made parts, all made in Russia by Box 39. However, these parts were all assembled and added on in Australia, which is also where the bike is located at the moment. This is also why the bike has ’Australia’ in its name.

American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia
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Dubbed the Giotto Australia, the bike boasts a custom body kit laden with plastic shrouds that make the V-Rod quite brawny

Coming to the parts, the list is as long as the bike’s wheelbase itself. The first thing that catches the eye is the dark glossy grey bodywork that wraps the motorcycle from head to toe. Even though it appears to be a paint job, this is actually a custom plastic body kit that Box 39 has cater-built for the V-Rod.

From what we can see, the kit includes a custom fuel tank shroud, brawny side covers for the radiator, and a unique tailpiece. In addition, Box 39 has also swapped the stock round-ish headlight with a Ducati XDiavel-like an all-LED unit.

American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia
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As brawny as the body kit is, the highlight for us here is the staggering 21/18-inch (F/R) multi-spoke wheels, which don’t really come as a surprise, considering custom alloy wheels are Box 39’s forte.

Oh, and the multi-spoke wheels are well-complemented by a custom-made pulley, boasting the same multi-spoke pattern. How cool is that!

American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia
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Wanna buy one? Well, swipe up to know whether you can.

Meanwhile, on the mechanical front, you get extended front USD forks and a full-system custom exhaust, both of which amp up the swagger levels of this build. Plus, the exhaust will probably result in a glass-shattering rumble too.

For the final set of changes, the bike boasts a custom saddle with a honeycomb pattern, sleek rearview mirrors, custom footrests, and twin petal discs upfront.

Can You Buy One?

American Bike, Russian Mods, Put Together In Australia
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There’s also an aftermarket LED headlight upfront, which looks quite reminiscent of the Ducati XDiavel

Well, not really. Even though Box 39 has posted this build on their website, there’s no news on how much this custom V-Rod costs or how much the separate parts like the wheels and the body kit retails for.

However, considering the work put in for this build, it’s safe to assume that if this does go on sale, it’ll probably burn a big hole in your pocket.

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