Because of the ingenious design implemented on bikes these days and of the fact that brake and indicator lights are often perfectly blended into the bike’s rear end, car drivers have difficulties noticing when the rider either brakes or expresses its intention of changing direction or lane (note that in this last case, most motorcycle accidents happen).

It has been found that, usually, car drivers look at the back of the rider (or even worse, in front of him) so in order to counteract this bad habit, companies positioned an extra brake light on the helmet.

Considering that as not being enough, Israeli Rahamim Levi introduces “My Backup”, a harness featuring motorcycle brake and indicator lights. Designed to be worn over the motorcycle jacket, it receives the signal through a wireless signal so it doesn’t create any discomfort by needing to be connected or disconnected each time you get off the bike to pay for gas, let’s say.

It has the great advantage of being able to be worn while riding any kind of two-wheeled machine, from scooter to super sport motorcycles. On a scooter, tourer or cruiser, the upright riding position allows the lights to be spotted by traffic participants, while on a sports bike the rider will also straighten up while braking so that the air flow will contribute at the slowing down process. Because there are many chances that the braking will take place before a corner, the signal light will also be easily spotted.

Expected to be marketed for approximately $100, the device will surely be a success as it doesn’t require anything else but to be worn and it gives back so much.

Source: news.motorbiker

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