An Inflatable Parachute For Riders Sounds Crazy, But It’s Happening!

Sweden-based Airbag Inside has filed patents in the USA showing a rider’s parachute system

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As much as we love motorcycles, it is a risky affair which is why riding gear has such a huge market in the world. Thanks to this, many companies have tried all kinds of things to increase rider safety, even including airbag systems which are growing slowly but surely becoming mainstream. But how can riding gear get even safer? Well, according to Sweden-based Airbag Inside, the answer is inflatable parachutes!

Inflatable Parachutes For Riders? Seriously?

An Inflatable Parachute For Riders Sounds Crazy, But It's Happening!
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As revealed by the company’s application at U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Airbag Inside is working on an inflatable motorcycle outfit, comprising airbag-equipped riding gear meant to protect each part of the body. While the company already has airbag-equipped riding jeans, jackets, and shorts (not sure why) in its portfolio, the crown jewel of the patent is a never-seen-before inflatable parachute system.

Called inflatable canopies by the company, these look like parachutes that attach to the upper body (with a vest) and pop out vertically in the event of a high-speed crash, similar to what you see on drag race bikes. Looking from a practical standpoint, though, this raises much more problems than it solves.

An Inflatable Parachute For Riders Sounds Crazy, But It's Happening!
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First off, how exactly does this fire open, and how far does this hang off the rider? We ask this because there are multiple external elements while riding and if either of the deployed canopies gets stuck to anywhere, it’ll make the rider more prone to injuries rather than save him.

Not to mention, if a rider is sliding on his back, the canopies won’t open properly in the first place, thus doing nothing to slow down the rider. And don’t even get us started on the situation when it’s a multi-rider crash/collision.

An Inflatable Parachute For Riders Sounds Crazy, But It's Happening!
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Finally, what about comfort? Considering there are two canopies, the whole system will probably need space (like a parachute bag) which doesn’t sound too comfy, especially when wearing a jacket over this. So the only place where the inflatable canopies make total sense is when you’re flying high in the air at an MX track or an ADV course.

To wrap up, the inflatable parachute system seems a little untrustable at the moment and we’d rather suggest you stick to airbags. That is, of course, unless Airbag Inside addresses these concerns somehow and finds a way to make this efficient as ever.

While we wait for that to happen, tell us what you think of this supposedly game-changing tech in the comments below.

Images: Cycle Drag , USPTO

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