Aprilia has made quite an entry with its radical concept named FV2. It manages to showcase what the manufacturer is heading towards and, as you can see, it does it with great success. The bike looks imposing and aggressive thanks to its Hossack-style fork, but it isn’t all about design, is it?

The heart of this concept is a fuel-injected 1200cc, 90-degree V-twin engine featuring bore and stroke of 106 x 67.8mm. Delivering 134.5 HP and more than 10.5 kgm of torque and if we take in consideration the way Aprilia likes its engine to perform, we are going to be facing one hell of a blast.

Aprilia FV2 motorcycle concept
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2008 Aprilia FV2 Concept Engine

I know you already love the bike, but wait! You haven’t even read about the goodies: navigation system, fly-by-wire system, traction control, ABS and electronically adjustable suspension come all standard on the future Aprilia FV2.

If Aprilia planed on testing the market with this concept I reckon its best dreams, hopes and wishes have just been accomplished. What remains our dream is the news for this concept to go into production.

Aprilia FV2 motorcycle concept
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2008 Aprilia FV2 Concept
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