For $24,499, you get "aerodynamic appendages" on the bike

The world from today is going to change because Aprilia just gave us the world’s first production superbike with aerodynamic winglets. Underpinned by the legendary RSV4 architecture, the new machine will be a limited edition affair of just 125 units, and all of them are heading to North America.

Called as the Aprilia RSV4 RF LE (RF Limited Edition), the carbon fiber winglets on this will change the way future superbikes will look like. It was launched at the GP of Americas in Austin, Texas and will come with a price tag of $24,499, a $1,000 premium over the highly acclaimed Aprilia RSV4 RF.

Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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The Aprilia RSV4 has been a well-accomplished name in the circuits of SBK championship, where the motorcycle has already recorded seven world titles in a span of six years. It is this testimony of the RSV4, which has made it quite unshakable when it comes to consistency in the liter class supersport segment.

To step-up their game in the competition, Aprilia will be honoring the new regulations that allow manufacturers to use winglets on their WSBK motorcycle as long as they feature on the homologation special. This led Aprilia to start off with the limited run of the RF LE models featuring these winglets. After Aprilia, we believe other manufacturers running in the championship will follow suit with adding winglets to their road-legal production models as well.

Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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Aprilia likes to call them "aerodynamic appendages" and are here to contribute to enhances stability when the rider unleashes all of that 215 hp. It was first developed on the RS-GP prototype and gets its debut on a production bike with the RSV4 LE. Although this time, these appendages are basically a work of art connecting civilian folks to the MotoGP bike rather than being functional.

Nonetheless, Aprilia will have a future production model that will come with an actual functional winglet design that will dedicate its life to improving the handling prowess of the already potent RSV4. The RSV4 motorcycle has already received several accolades for bringing in the focused credentials of a track oriented superbike onto a street-legal motorcycle. Having an excellent set of mechanical and electronics in its package, the future versions of the RSV4 will be the fastest, safest and most powerful units of RSV4 ever developed.

Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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The RSV4 RF LE bikes will come in limited numbers of 100 units to North America (25 to Canada) and will be underpinned by the same potent four stroke, liquid cooled, V-4, 999.6cc engine with its 65° angle between the banks that made an exceptional chassis architecture to work around with.

The special livery seen here is a salute to the first world championship win in 1987 by Loris Reggiani on his AF1 250GP, which is also on the current MotoGP RS-GP prototypes. You also get the “Limited Edition” logo and the unit number laser inscribed on the steering plate. It will become available for $24,499, and deliveries will begin towards the end of May 2018.

Aprilia's RSV4 RF 'Limited Edition' breaks cover Exterior
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