• Aprilia SXV Lionhead by Stefano Ceppi

Stefano Ceppi is a talented Italian designer who loves to create unique products and vehicles. Its latest creation is a redesigned Aprilia SXV supermoto which draws inspiration from the animal kingdom. Ceppi’s design approach is based on the animal anatomy and borrows many elements from the felines, especially the lion.

Mr. Stefano Ceppi choose the lion because it is Aprilia’s symbol and is also an historical symbol of the ancient and powerful Republic of Venice which is the company’s birthplace.

Featuring sleek lines and an agile stance, Ceppi’s Aprilia SXV Lionhead inspires agility, power and respect - three traits that are common among the feline species.

The front of the concept was designed using many elements borrowed from a lion head, while the fuel tank is inspired by the muscle fibres of the animal’s shoulders. The tank features carbon fibre inserts and a tasty mix of lines and colors which mirror the white and red muscle fibres.

While the front of the bike was completely modified, the rear received only minor adjustments remaining pretty similar with the original SXV style.

The riding position is slightly more aggressive than the original model. The seat is a bit longer to allow the rider to seat an aerodynamic racing position, but also shaped and canted forward just enough to give real control over the bike if seated in a traditional position.

This concept was highly appreciated by Mr. Marco Lambri, Senior Vice President of Vehicle Design Centre, Product Development and Strategies of Piaggio Group.

Stefano could’t bring the project to life without the help of "Hexagon Metrology - Cardiff Racing" for the basic Aprilia 3D engine point scanning and Camka for some 3d data for the front fork.


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