For those of you who want the garage to look like you very own showroom, Harley-Davidson introduces bubble protection. It is like placing your motorcycle in a balloon only that it doesn’t take off, at least until the next Harley invention.

The bubble was created especially for Harley-Davidson motorcycles to fit in it, meaning that most other bikes are perfectly suitable to be bubbled up due to their fairly smaller dimensions. Why would someone do that, you ask? Well, don’t you ever go in your garage to admire the two-wheeled jewel? In that case you know that a simple transparent cover just doesn’t do the job.

The best of it is that the air compressor features an incorporated filter so that the air circulating inside the bubble is humidity and dust free, keeping your bike clean and preventing metal parts from rusting.

Five star accommodations for your bike require between $269 and $289
depending on the size.

Source: motorbiker

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