The 2007 Honda Hornet features new everything: new motor, derived from the CBR600RR, new aluminum chassis to replace the old steel one and a new front fork turned upside down from 41mm. But let’s see what Arrow has prepared for this bike.

Arrow offers for this model an immense range of aftermarket exhausts between which choosing, practically for all tastes. The stainless steel racing collectors come with three different silencers: Thunder silencer in aluminum, carbon fiber o titanium; a megaphone silencer in titanium o NiChrom alloy and a triangular section silencer in titanium.All three proposals can be mounted on the original collectors or on aftermarket Arrow collectors and make the same improvements in performance, giving the best of himself to the bottom and means regimes (between 4000rpm and 10000rpm) where there’s been recorded an increase of approximately 2 HP. With the complete kit, the motorcycle develops 95 HP to the wheel (value caught up between 11000 and 12000rpm) and it weights approximately 15.400 pounds less.

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