Detroit, Michigan will play host to the inaugural AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival, an all-new automotive and motorcycle festival from May 28 to May 30, 2015. The event is being billed as a three-day festival that celebrates the history of automobiles and motorcycles through various artistic platforms, including artworks, films, and literature.

The AutoMoto Film Festival is the brainchild of World Class Motoring and Islay Events with the support of Quicken Loans and Opportunity Detroit. Far more than simply being a gathering of like-minded automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts, the event is being described as an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves to a different level of passion and understanding of the history of cars and bikes in the US. Rhere’s no more ideal setting to have this event than the Motor City, widely considered as the birthplace of automobiles in the country.

Motorcycles, in particular, will have a prominent spot in the festival as screenings of critically acclaimed films like “Why We Ride”, “Greasy Hands Preachers”, and “Havana Motor Club” are already stamped in the schedule. The films will be screened in a handful of venues throughout the city, including the The Filmore Detroit, Cinema Detroit, and the world famous Madison Theatre Building.

More programs, films, and events are also being prepared in time for the opening of the festival so you better keep your eyes and ears open for any developments.

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Why it matters

It’s a beautiful thing to bring this kind of attraction to Detroit, Michigan. I live far away from the city, or the country for that better, so I won’t be able to take in the experience first-hand. That’s tough luck for me but really, what am I supposed to do? When geography makes it a problem it becomes a real problem.

Fortunately, the event is still expected to attract thousands of people. That’s usually indicative of something new or unexpected happening.

For what its worth, the inaugural AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival has the potential to become a resounding success, especially if all parties involved create an inviting atmosphere, not only for fans of cars and motorcycles, but fans of films, art, and literature, too.

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Press Release

At the end of May, Detroit will host a three-day celebration of motorcycle and automotive films, art and literature at the inaugural AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival.

Three Detroit venues celebrate the iconic history of the motorcycle and automobile in a one-of-a-kind film festival, as World Class Motoring and Islay Events unveil the inaugural AutoMoto Detroit International Film & Arts Festival presented by Quicken Loans and Opportunity Detroit.

Taking place at The Fillmore Detroit, The Madison Theatre Building, Cinema Detroit, and other Midtown locations, the three-day festival will feature a packed schedule of full- and short-length films, as well as special appearances by automotive personalities, car designers and artists.

Held during the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, the festival will be highlighted by screenings of: The mutli-award winning motorcycle film Why We Ride and the motorcycle passion piece Greasy Hands Preachers. The event will also feature the Cuban street racing documentary “Havana Motor Club,”; “1” The definitive story of Formula 1; and “Magnus Walker – Urban Outlaw,” the portrait of the rebel Porsche customizer.

Walker, who will be on hand to provide first-person insight about the film, will be joined by other dignitaries at the festival, including legendary Ford GT Designer Camilo Pardo.

The expanded program will also include motorcycle films, such as “Greasy Hands Preachers,” as well as “Why We Ride,” tapping into the passion of riders.

“Building on the momentum from AutoMoto’s Monterey, California events, we’re thrilled to bring our festival to The Motor City and to be involved in the promotion and revitalization of Detroit,” said World Class Motoring President Fred LoBianco.

Taking on the hosting duties in Detroit will be Dennis Pittsenbarger from Discovery Channel’s hit series “Highway to Sell.“ Pittsenbarger will welcome guests, automotive industry dignitaries, and locals through a three-day festival that will include:

Thursday, May 28:

Opening night VIP gala and screening and reception at the fabled Madison Theatre Building.

Friday, May 29 – The Fillmore Detroit:

Screenings of “Magnus Walker – Urban Outlaw” and a special preview of the upcoming Camilo Pardo documentary “Fuel Injected” followed by an interview and panel discussion with both Magnus Walker and Camilo Pardo.

“Havana Motor Club.” This break-out film tells a personal, character-driven story about Cuba’s vibrant community of underground drag racers and their quest to hold Cuba’s first official car race since the Revolution. It tackles how Cuba’s recent reforms — the owning of property, allowance of small businesses, and greater exchange between Cubans, Cuban Americans, tourists, and other foreigners — have affected the lives of these racers and their families.

Interview and panel discussion with the filmmakers behind the Cuban documentary, “Havana Motor Club” followed by a meet and greet in the lobby of the Fillmore.

Saturday, May 30 – Cinema Detroit:

“1″ The definitive story of Formula 1 Motor Racing. This is the definitive story of Formula 1 Motor Racing: the world’s richest, most exciting and glamorous sport, drawing a global TV audience of 600 million viewers for each race and inspiring legions of loyal fans worldwide.

“Going Attractions” Once a vibrant part of American culture, drive-ins reached their peak in the late 50s with almost 5,000 dotting the nation. Although drive-ins are experiencing resurgence, less than 400 remain. In a nation that loves cars and movies, his documentary asks: Why haven’t they survived?

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